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Being "L-Bruced", "Bruced", or "The Lenny Bruce Effect" is a modern slang coming from the oppression of stand up comics and free speech by US courts in 1964. To be "L-Bruced" can mean:
1. The negative result of a technically accurate story, or series of events, being told without context; resulting in a grievous misunderstanding.
2. When someone tells a story in such a way that the innocent look guilty.
3. If you "go for the joke" and get choked out by a cop from behind.
1. "Please don't set that on fire. . . I can't believe you are gonna let me get L-Bruced on my own Wedding night by that biatch bridesmaid with the fat hair"
2. "Actually officer, in the moonlight, with that hat and gun you do kind of. . .uuuurrrgghg *coff* uuurrggnnnhh".
by J.J.R. January 11, 2015
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