Lord Of Ring Damage. Term attributable to losing money while managing a trading portfolio, usually associated with fixed price commodities. Analogous to taking it up the butt, a painful experience that can lead to rectal dysfunction or anal damage.
Losing money on a stock portfolio, being dealt a poor hand of cards, a bad punt, a lost bet. Associated with any activity that loses money.
by Craig Smyth July 15, 2004
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A man of noble rank in a monarchy. Historically, lords governed land for the king under the feudal system, and thus served to provide for the people. Now, the title is just ceremonial, a figurehead.

All the same, "lord" (or "lady") can refer to somebody who is very skilled at something.

The female counterpart of a lord is a lady, being either the wife of a lord or a woman who holds the position of a lord in her own right.
In other European languages, the equivalent to "lord" is used as the form of address for men; Dominus, Signore, Señor, Monsieur, Herr, etc.
by Lorelili May 04, 2007
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a guy who is the f*cking coolest person to ever be...not to mention he is straighter than an arrow and the girls throw themselves at him
wow...that kid is really lord tonight...wish i could be like that!
by c April 29, 2004
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The term Lord comes from a Chicago based gased gang called Vice Lords. it's the way the organization identifies each other.
"Here comes Lil Lord, and big Lord now, they lookin for da folks"
by dat dude1230 April 20, 2010
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Title of someone with Ancient Power and Royalty, Bloodline blessed by Based God. Usually of Lightskin descent. Extreme rapping talent is also given to a Lord.
damn Lord Sadiiq took my girl
by Lord Sadiiq January 12, 2015
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1. (The Lords) A gang of rough and tumble fellas in New Brunswick, NJ in the late 70's early 80's. Led by feared gangsta Lil' Jimmy Norton.
2. A generic term for any gang that is particularly pathetic or un-tough.
I smelled that girl's breath, but The Lords still rejected me.
by Joe L. May 29, 2005
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