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A Kyungjin is a guy who is the best. His sense of humor is enjoyable and his creative and imaginative personality is unique. He loves playing video games and making jokes with his friends. He always tries his hardest... Until it comes down to the Science test. If you have a Kyungjin in your life you are very lucky. He will always make you smile with his jokes or his funny faces. Whenever you find a Kyungjin, make him feel appreciated by talking to him.
Is that a Kyungjin? Wow... he’s SWOLE
by Algebra_Girl23 June 14, 2018
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Kyungjin is a person who is the kindest. He cannot be a Playboy but he's not innocent either. He makes his choices very well. Unfortunately he does not know how to break hearts
Someone: How is your ideal type like?
Me: He's a Kyungjin
by Haera May 13, 2018
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