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To be violated, but happy about it.

For a person to violate (verbally and/or physically) someone else, but the person being violated enjoys it.

verb: kyoodles, kyoodle
Stephen: Im totally going to 'Kyoodle' Gemma later tonight.
Friend 1: Yeah, you have fun with that!
Friend 2: Hahahahaha!!
Gemma: Omg! I love it when Stephen 'Kyoodles' me.
Friend 1: Ack! Too much sex life info!!
Friend 2: HARR HARR HARR!!
Stephen: *Grabs Gemma's "chest"*
Gemma: Omfg! How very dare you! I feel so violated!!
Stephen: Im sorry i thought you would enjoy it.
Gemma: I did! Keep 'Kyoodling' me!
by Grrrr! August 24, 2007
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