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A Kymm is a unique creature with out standing beauty that radiates from every part of its body. Not to be confused with the name for people Kim or even Kym. This "Kymm" has only been seen under a star lit night usually in the month of September around the 19th to the 29th. if you are lucky enough to encounter a Kymm you will instantly black out from such beauty. Only a few reports of a Kymm have been found but rumours have it that once seen this majestic creature described as Mythical thing of beauty much like a unicorn with cascading yellow hair will cause your breath to vanish an ur heart to stop, but only as you make eye contact.
Oh my god...i think i just saw a Kymm...for a second i couldnt breathe.
What happened to you?? you jus passed out! I think i saw a Kymm.
by R.E.K.T2015 April 25, 2012
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