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We're a person nominated by a friend/relative applys a small round container to their lips and sucks their lips into the container until there lips appear to be big and round like Kylie Jenners artificial lips
OMG Becky my lips are so big and purple because of the KylieJenner lip challenge

The KylieJenner lip challenge is when you apply pressure to the lips using a container to obtain Kylie Jenners fake lips..

I pressed the water bottle to my lips and now they hurt, my lips look so big and fake.
by Madztodamaxyo April 21, 2015
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kylie jenner lip challenge is a dumb-ass way to have flappy bird lips.....and pop a few blood vessles
when you fall off a cliff cuz yo flappy bird lips weigh 123924626 pounds nigga
ulgy ass kylie jenner lip challenge
via giphy
by BeautifulAngel1738 July 16, 2016
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