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A Kurtzament is when you enter into an argument with anyone of the Kurtz family. This argument is impossible to win, as they are always right. If two Kurtz's we're to get into an argument, they would agree to disagree because for one of them to lose would result in a paradox. When this happens it is known as a Kurtzament Argument Paradox. To get into a Kurtzament, is to enter in to a battle you cannot win.
Joe: Dudee. Crack is better then Marijuana(MJ).
Kurtzdude: Nooo, it fuckin isn't, what are u a dumbass?
Joe: **sniffs crack**. this shit rocks.
Kurtzdude: **Smacks Joe**. Dude, your an idiot, you can't win a Kurtzament, MJ is better.
Joe: Yeaa...your right.
#kurtzed #kurtz #cool #awesome #argument
by Kurtz Myster Kurtz2 January 15, 2009
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