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Founder of the KHH (Kuronbo Hunters of Hawaii) and the Naichi Organization.

A pioneer in struggle for Asian/Japanese American Racial and Cultural Preservation. A famed activist, propagandist, rhetorician and leader, who conquered new frontiers by taking the battle online in early 2000. Along with like-minded Racial Patriots and brilliant individuals of honor, he waged an infamous war on blood pollution that is still remembered six years later. His presence is loathed and feared by liberals, Asiaphiles and all those bent on undermining the virtue of culture, blood and patriotism.

Known for the slogan of his organization: "Long Live the Naichi."

If you support socialism, communism, race-mixing, treason or cultural erosion...beware this individual and those he consorts with.
Key-Shawn: Yo homeboy...iz you hittin' up dat fiiiiine azz jap trick in yo homeroom clazz?

Jamal: Shiiiyet mayaaaan...dat muthafukkin' biatch be lernin' sum shiiyet cuz da muthafukka ain't be down wit a brotha! Muthafukka be tellin' me she ain't eva gon' be down wit a brotha! She mus be lernin' all dat shiiiyet frum dat muthafukkia KURONBO HANTA.

Key-Shawn: Dayaaam nigga!! How uz niggaz gonsta be hittin' up da jap azz if all dem jap biatchez ain't be down wit a brotha? Cuz yall kno hittin' da Azia Azz or da Cracka Azz be da numba one goal fo a brotha!! Dat da only reason we be doin' dis whole trip! S'long as it ain't no sista, a brotha be wantin' to tap da azz!!
by Anonymous June 18, 2006
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This is what you call a loser Japanese eunuch who just can't seem to stop making hate posts and webpages about killing black people (at forums and other online Asian communities) because yapping about it online gives him an illusory sense of control and purpose over his life (or lack thereof).
"Stop being such a kuronbo hanta you loser and do something useful with your life."
by KuronboHantaLikesItUpTheArse February 13, 2005
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