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A dealers choice card game. A variation on Omaha high/low. Rules are as follows:
1. Omaha high/low

2. You get 5 cards instead of 4
3. 7's are wild only on the high
4. Bet after flop and Draw up to 2 cards then bet again before the turn. When drawing cards you have to give 2 cards to get 1 and 3 cards to get 2 (if you draw cards you will end up with only 4 cards).
5. You must use only two cards from your hand unless you have 3 Kings.
6. If you have 3 Kings in your hand you can use all 3 and it kills the low, if there is one
7. 3 Kings on the board kills the hand and you re-deal
8. If you are dealt four 7's you automatically win everything both the high and the low, but you are not allowed to raise, if you raise you can only use 2 of the 7's and normal rules apply.
9. When dealing there is no burn
It's Thursday let's play Kunta Kinta, pot limit $40 max bet.
by HPT CHAMP May 03, 2018
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Another word for kunt or a women acting like a bitch. i.e. someone who needs to get slapped!
Your girlfriend is being such a kunta kinta. you should slep that bitch.
by hoodie ba October 21, 2007
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