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The act of standing in a circle with a number of other fellow jerkers, each tenderly stimulating the penis of the gentleman to their right while singing as many verses of kumbaya as possible before ejaculating about three teaspoons of peace and love all over the floor. At this point, it's useful to have a shamwow on hand to clean up.

Overall, this is just a great way to spice up those weekly spiritual retreats that are in danger of becoming "too vanilla" (i.e. spiritually frustrating).

Whilst the left hand is free, feel free to express yourself. Maybe tickle an asshole or two, or perhaps you could fondle someone's scrotum. Don't be shy, really explore yourselves and each other, and don't forget to have fun.
"Hey guys, I need my consciousness raised, along with something else - let's do a kumbaya jerk!"
by THERADICALDUDE June 15, 2017
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