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History: The Kulzy came about in the year 1975 and has been adopted as an adjective widely used in New Jersey. Usually only used to describe men, it can refer to certain women.
The master of the universe. A man who has given up his life for the sake of discovering bias. Apparently a Kulzy is so able to do this that he can even find bias in statistical analysis generated by computers. A Kulzy can be any person that spends most of his life in a library, either being a librarian or reading. Kulzy's have been known to wander the streets of New Jersey in search of DBQs and FRQs. It is also possible for the scent of Kulzy's lair to overpower people into submission. Kulzy's have been known to accidentally offend people without even realizing it.
Common Attributes of a Kulzy:
*Has a lair
*Cultural Phenomenon
*Hates Witches

Rich: "I'm confused what do we have to do man?"

Christian: "Uh oh, seems like you have been confuzzled by a Kulzy today...basically"

Esau: "Kulzy is the master of the universe."

B: "I just saw a Kulzy wandering the library!"

Rich: "I'm still confused."
by DBQ King March 17, 2009
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