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A very briefly-celebrated meme on the popular website Gaia Online. Stems from a phrase uttered by the user 'We ate the boogieman', after people laughed at her thread "goth girl lonely and needs a boyfriend.".

Suggested to be a meme by the user 'Kinny Fear', after seeing the reaction people had to the typo'd phrase. Several users then posted in their signatures "Krrp it up!" and some have that message there to this day.
"well i am soo sorry. i am not verry good at "important" stuff like posting in the right spot. you Kick me to the curb i kick your sorry Rear! SORRY THAT I FREAKING POSTED IN THE WRONG SPOT!!! YOU WANT ME TO GET PISSED KRRP IT UP!"
by Izz V H October 22, 2009
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