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Krokeide is a place, a tiny village 2 miles outside Bergen, in Norway. Krokeide is a wonderful place, with a beautiful lagoon, old fishboats by the beach, a big forest with the tallest trees and mountains high enough you feel like the queen/king of the world when standing on them.

It is very popular to live at Krokeide, but very expensive.

Krokeide is also a family name for about 175 Norwegian people. It is a very unique surname. The Krokeide´s (Krokeide slekta, in Norwegian) is known for being some big-mouthed smartasses. They won´t let anyone fuck with em´. They stand up for themselves, with communication and their smarts.
"Wow, who are those people?"

"I think they might be the Krokeide´s"

"Krokeide? What the hell is that"?
"A wonderful place in Bergen! Have you seriously never heard of it? Dumbass."
by xexilie October 09, 2014
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