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1. Any assembly of musicians that literally creates rhythmical chaos and causes math-rockers to cum and scenesters' ears to bleed.

2. Anything describing something that's better than everything else around it.

3. A group of people who uses seals and/or any other aquatic mammals including (but not limited to) dolphins, whales, and sea anemones as battering rams to take down any mid evil fortress or garrison.
1. Possible responses to listening to a kritikos:

a. That kritikos is literally the best thing I've ever heard.
b. I'm just going to text instead of pretend to be interested.

2. That band is pretty kritikos because of the fact that they don't suck.

3. That kritikos is literally whaling on the front gates of Mrs.Oldenhiemer's house!
by fuckingAright January 21, 2010
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