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An intelligent individual that is usually happy or very cheery. They are sometimes funny, but don't mean to be. This person seems to forget a lot, and never finishes telling someone what she started to say. Someone with the name Krislynne (Krislyn, Chrislyn, etc.) has a way with words and enjoys reading, writing, and talking. People with similar names are exceptional at keeping secrets, and rarely ever gives even a mere hint away. People with the name Krislynne can sometimes be very moody, or expressing many moods at different times. However, Krislynne's sometimes love to be alone and ignored, but at other times enjoy the company of loving people. Krislynne's are usually outgoing, uppity, and love people. Krislynne's, Krislyn's, Chrislyn's, etc. can sometimes be found to be morning people, unfortunately. If you ever meet a Krislynne, be sure to keep all of these in mind, as Krislynne's moods can randomly change in a beat.
Krislynne: Did you hear what happened to Ryan yesterday?
Brittany: No, what?
Krislynne: Nevermind then.
Brittany: No, tell me.
Krislynne: It's not important.
by NameMeanings101 July 10, 2014
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