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Krince (Skateboarding); the act of skateboarding committed sarcastically, ironically, and/or for fun; in a completely different manner from the normal skateboarding seen in popular media/popular skateboarding. Krincing involves old school dork skateboarding tricks such as footplants, grab tricks, and axle stalling, which is performed on curbs, rocks, trees and other skateboarding obstacles that are atypical and seldom seen in skateboarding. A term that characterises someone who Krinces would be a “krincer”, “slosher”, or “looseball”, but krincer would be the most appropriate term. Very few people have mastered the act of Krincing; these people include Mark "Gonz" Gonzales, Jason Adams, Vics Market (crew), as well as many East Coast skateboarders. The term originated in Canada, but has spread to New York, Seattle, Boston and other “East Coast” skateboarding regions.
Jeff: "Hey why is that guy skateboarding so strangley and atyiplcally?"
Zach: "Oh that guy is krincing. He likes to skateboard differently; he's a krincer."
Jeff: "True. I guess that's sick."
Zach: "Cheeyaah...krincing is rare. Not to many people are seen krincing, but lots of skateboards krince."
by TDot J Cos June 30, 2013
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