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A type of sexually transmitted disease found in Northern Ireland. Thought to have specifically emanated from the City Lisburn. The term "Krick" is generally used to describe the disease and anyone who has the disease; it is also compared to the stigma of having Aids, brought about by programs like South Park and Bass Eye. For example, to quote the satirical comedy show Brass Eye "you have the bad aids!" literally can be translated as "You have the Krick"; all the underlying connotation of that particular sketch is translated literally therefore the stigma is made worse.

The phonetic sound of the word derives from the Chinese City (pronounced "Shitty") Wok character in the well known South Park series. Racial stereotypical voices have been known to pronounce the sentence which includes the word "Krick".

The Krick can also be used to describe a female who is considered "easy" and therefore "full of the Krick"; however in contrast that person will be concerned about social ladders and hierarchies. These social ladders preside in music scenes such as goth, rock, metal, electro and punk. However other genres can be considered if it brings about a favourable social hierarchy.
"He has all of the krick"

"Haaaww the Kricky eh? You want the shitty beef? or the shitty pawk??"

"I can't believe (insert name) got the Krick! The bad Krick too!!"

"full of the Krick"

"even the doctor can't help you Krick"
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