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1.)A condition of severely stunted physical and mental growth due to untreated congenital deficiency of thyroid hormones.

2.)A remarkably cool word which can be used for various purposes:

afor addressing someone who is really stupid or annoys the shit out of you;

bfor pointing out how you don't like something;

cif you have nothing to say when someone tells a funny or stupid joke;

dwhen someone says something you find extremely irritating;

equite frankly it can be used as a substitution for any curse word in the existence.
1.) -OMGWTF what's up with that guy?
-Dude, you shouldn't make fun of him, I think he has kretenizem.

2.)a -Hey, what's up?
-Shut the f*** up you kretenizem!

b-Wooooow that's astounding!
-naah, I think it's really stupid ... what a kretenizem.

c-You know why the world didn't end? Because Chuck Norris didn't allow it! HAHAHAHAHAHA
-haha kretenizem :)

d-{jaw drops to the ground} Damn, look at that girls rack!
-That's my girlfriend you piece of shit! stop being such a kretenizem!

e-kretenizem kretenizem, get of my property you fucking kretenizem or I will shoot the kretenizem out of your kretenizem!!! (also it sounds way less awkward than "I will shoot the shit out of your ass")
by Bosslike January 14, 2013
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