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A straight sex act done in three parts.

1.Have sex in the front seat of a pickup truck while a pedophile driving. Destination needs to be a corn field that has dead stalks remaining in the field.

1a. Bonus points awarded if you have the pedophile stop at a gas station andcontinue to have sex while he pumps gas.

2.Once at the corn field, preferably near or in a trailer park, position yourselves so that you both have a dead corn stalk either entering or threatening to enter your anus. Continue having sex regardless of whom or what watches you.

2a. minus all bonus points if male enjoys a dead corn stalk in his anus
2b. Bonus points awarded if female enjoys a dead corn stalk in her anus

3.Enter nearby trailer and finish. (This is assuming you havenโ€™t already blown your load Mr. Softy) Perform sex act on a pull out couch that has a thin mattress and creaks.
3a. Bonus points awarded if she allows anal sex
3b. Bonus points awarded if done in pedophiles trailer
3c. Bonus points awarded if pedophiles wife comes out and masturbates to your live pornography.

Master the Krazy2DKore by having all 5 bonus points and completing it in 3 hours or less. If you fail to complete this task, your are not awesome enough and should be PWND for your insolence.
Me and my ex wife performed a Krazy2DKore in under three hours this one night.
by Dr.StrangeGlove January 11, 2011
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