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A reptillian commando with a big lava gun. He is a hero, highly iconic throughout the universe. In fact the universe knows him before he even knew himself! Krawm is also known as the highest level in the galaxy.
To achieve level krawm, you'd have to do something pretty epic like juggling 10 sharks while fighting a demonic worm creature...His catchphrase was and always "Roflsausage" or "Bankaisausage" and if u think u came up with it then u better just die already cuz he is coming to claim his word.
Jimmy:"Ohh man, I was cornered by two robo gang members who had flamethrowers for arms and some of them were cyborg zombie samurai ninjas but then Krawm came in the fray and killed all of them with his lava gun and shoved a grenade up a robo gangsters' anal canal!"


usage 2:

Mac: Yo, iam about to achieve level Krawm in Halo 5

Tray: HA! That is the only time u will get to level Krawm! EVER!
by El Rappy October 21, 2008
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