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A derogatory term to describe the German Cockroach, the most tenacious of any Cockroach breed in existence. Capable of hiding in any corner and fast-breeding, these motherfuckers will make hell out of your life if you live in an apartment. The only effective way to kill them is with roach traps, and they must be used constantly so that they do not learn to avoid these traps. They are a scourge that must be annihilated with extreme prejudice lest they infest and infect your food supply.

Derived from the derogatory term 'Kraut' used in reference to the Germans in World War I and II.
I hate my apartment. There's too many Krautroaches for me to deal with. FML.

Help me, verminators! I've got a serious infestation of Krautroaches!
by Grimesey September 12, 2009
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