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One who is ultimately powerful and has been fueled with roughly anywhere from 10-500 Redbulls. Characteristics may vary per person, so it depends on the context of the sentence and sentence structure to define exactly what Kramullah is.

2. Verb ending with -ed,-ing
To kramullah is to piss someone off starting from a nuisance point of view to converting them into smithereens through various forms and manners. May result in being arrested if someone harms another who is kramullahing him.
1. My boss is such a Kramullah. I hate him. He jerks off on my desk... everyday...

2. Man this guy was kramullahing me so much that I kramullahed him when he was sleeping and then we had this all-out rage that ended up with 3 houses burning on my side of the block, 7 on his side of the block and both of us being arrested. I did manage to break his arm though. True story.
by The Anonymous Definer November 22, 2011
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