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Nights beginning traditionally on December 5'th, celebrating the legend of Krampus. In parts of Europe, people dress as Krampus, spanking women with birch branches, going door to door to scare children, only to be bought off by the parents giving them smokes and liquor.

Krampus Nights have expanded into Krampus Weekends, some are moving to make Krampus Nights from December 5'th to December 24'th as a chance to vent one's frustrations and anti-consumer induced holiday spirit as lies. Krampus Nights are a chance to rant about what frustrates you, get it out of your system, then enjoy the holiday season as intended.
I'm going to Austria to celebrate Krampus Nights! Booze, smokes and spankings! Who could ask for more?
by Krampus X December 06, 2009
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