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A godlike ownage king who bestows ownage upon all enemies showing great impatience. He has no limits to courage and unleahes the fkn0wnage in your mummies pants. He pwns all day with his mates on Unreal St0rm and is totally defined as - 'god'
OMFG Kozary Owned me!!
Oh yea kozary that 8 inch cock is so hard
i pop a cap in ur arse nigga!
Unreal storm pwning since 1337
hey emily mind if a fknown you? *she bends down*
hey sam i pwn y0u *sam kneals and smiles like a donut and pecks like a chicken*
Kozary you owned me *andy opens his mouth wide*

omfg hacker owned me
by Kozary October 08, 2008
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