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This is the last name of the awesomest Russian family ever. Love to have a great time, party, rules are not made for them to follow. However, they are well-behaved and always try their hardest to succeed, be generous, respectful and responsible. They are extremely easy to get along with, some only once you get to know them. They love to laugh their socks off and do not know the definition of bored/boring. All very attractive but you better watch your heart around these ones cause once you give it to one of them, you might never get it back. They're not even easy to get a chance with, in the first place. Whatever people tell them to do, they will continue to do what's in their best interest. Aren't easily angered but once they are, you better get out of the way cause they just simply do NOT put up with bullshit. Once you mess with one of them, you mess with ALL of them. All in all, it's wiser to stay friends with these ones rather than enemies. MUCH wiser.
I wish I was a Kovalyov...
by washingmachines August 05, 2011
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