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The bestest friend and mom, i could ever have.
She makes the best things, seem just a little bit better..
Her smile, could light up a room...
Her skills, in art, aren't perfect, ..yet, but someday they will with outshine my own..
She has compassion, for things she wants to protect.. Weather it be a friend, or the smallest thing somebody did that was wrong, and/or a crime.
Many words describe this most wondeful person i could possibly live without...there just wouldn't be enough room for the letters and word to all fit, in one single definition..
Her laughter, could brighten anyones day, no matter how shitty it may be..

She loves wolves and animals, with all her heart and soul, and she might even give her life to protect them..
She has a few flaws and errors in her day to day life..but hey, dont we all?, were only human..
Whatever this defination may be to you, she is my friend and nobody can ever change that..She is a very loving and caring person.. she even has a DeviantArt..

And this may be all the words i really can say, just not enough time to fit them all in a definition.
Nariku An Example just wouldn't be enough, to describe Koshoo.
by Nariku-Sin July 27, 2011
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