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A small town in central Mississippi named after a Polish General, Tadeusz Kosciuszko, during the American Revolution. Also the town was formerly known as Red Bud Springs. Known for one of the best 100 small towns it is also the birth place of Oprah Winfrey.
by kosynative March 27, 2009
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If you dont like the way we do thangs down here in koscisko and you like makin jokes bout us and our people in the sunflower parkin lot then why dont u come out there and me and the boys will put a beer can in the side of your head. oh and dont forget to visit our "nigger lovin" white girls. you stupid fuckin cunt. get ya mind right boy and come on!!!!!
COME ON!!! Kosciusko
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see filth. Kosciusko is a small town located in central Mississippi. It is home to a treasure trove of sweet little white girl nigger lovers, experimenting teens, lesbians, rednecks whose highlight of the whole week is to park at Sunflower and "hang out" while talking about trucks, pipes, and four wheelers. This town is home to all things filthy. Rich and stuck-up, or poor and skanky. Everyone is a bitch, basically. And also two-faced. It's pretty serious. You can't even take a piss at Kangaroo without being stalked. Living in Kosciusko means having your own personal fan club...except they aren't too fond of you. And everybody says fuck everybody else, but yet, they stalk their facebook page.
"Damn bro, our town sucks ass!" "At least we don't live in Kosciusko, guy." "True dat!" *hysterical laughter* "KOSCIUSKO!"
by tamaleboy January 02, 2011
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A truly terrible town full of snobby low lifes who gossip about their friends when they're not there. There's VERY few (if any) decent places to hang out. The wigger rednecks will hang out in the parking lot of sunflower all night long thinking that their loud ass trucks make them look cool. Everyone in the town (with a few exceptions) is a hypocritical religitard.
Don't ever come to kosciusko if you are a decent human being.
by kosy_sucks_BALLS December 04, 2011
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