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A Night Elf druid who plays on the realm Dethecus in the game World of Warcraft. He is a very fun character to play with and puts out very nice dps as well as being one of the most awesome boomkin PvPers in the battlegroup. He's in the guild Serious Business which is progressing nicely through new content from patch 3.1 and he is one of the solid core raiders of this guild. However he is very unhappy with the server Dethecus because it is a very grief-ful realm full of QQers and Spammers.
Example 1
Douchebag1: I heard Koronius is giving away free gold.
Douchebag2: I heard thats a lie hordefan.

Example 2:

Koronius consistently pvps as a boomkin even though everyone tells him it's not got any future but he doesnt listen.
by NOT Koronius May 24, 2009
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