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A white chick. not a black dude. who tends to be a little wacko sometimes and understand everything. knows how to fight, and always wins in word wars. no self esteem whatsoever but still an awesome person
asians, black men, Korian
by Dr. Awesome Sauce January 08, 2010
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Beautiful Brown Glowing Skin Woman, she's very intelligent but also street smart raised in the hood but probably acts stuck up time to time,mostly around the popular crowd but has friends from all walks of life. Very artistic she's musically inclined and probably has incorporated her gifts in her life success. Fun Size "NOT short" yet curvy. A fighter but rather talk it out ,takes no bs and will set you straight without thinking twice, She loves hard af but will move on easily. She wants love and gives her all in relationships but won't settle for less. She's a lady I the streets but definitely a freak in the sheets. A true rider if she dedicates herself to you or a cause. A very loyal and loving friend. Tends to forgive easily but will forget you just as easily. Loves being around water probably lives close to water. Always traveling the world she can never stay in one place. A true lover but will fight for what she loves. She is usually underestimated by others especially females but it also attracts people to her
I wish I could date korian, she's so beautiful.
by Korian March 13, 2017
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