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KPOOP brainwashes people and is considered the worst kind of music like ever. They use auto-tune and copy many of other songs from America, Europe ect.
Their fans are crazy too. Let's say if Person A says that KPOOP sucks (which it does), Person B who is a madly obsessed KPOOP lover will attack Person A. Most KPOOP singers had plastic surgeries before and bleached their hair, which looks ugly on them. Some idiots want to have plastic surgery just to look like their favourite KPOOP singers who also had plastic surgery to look that idiotic and ugly (such as Yoona). Most KPOOP lovers will bully you if you say you hate KPOOP. Most people like KPOOP because of their hair colour and their ability to speak Korean which I don't get it. Also, most KPOOP songs have some English lyrics in it which doesn't makes sense at all. Most of them are gays and lesbians but I don't judge them for that and they have lame group names like Big Bang.
SNSD, Big Bang (like WTH?) , Super Junior, Korean Pop (KPOOP), 2Nei ect.
by JustARandomPerson November 30, 2012
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