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When one takes a dump near a source of heat such as a radiator, space heater, or vent. Often the smell will be amplified to an unimaginable magnitude before the person sitting on the toilet is even finished. The heat source can also cause uncontrollable sweating which will add to the level of discomfort. Once the act is committed the entire surrounding area- eg public rest room/locker room/house will stink terribly due to the korean heatwave.

The heatwave can be taken to the next level by first putting 5-15 sheets of toilet paper in the toilet bowl before pooing so the crap sits right on top of it and smells hideous.
John dropped a korean heatwave before the game, it still smelled when we hit the showers afterward.

When Patrick was taking a relaxing dump, the heater right next to him turned on. What began as a simple trip to the bath room ended as a desperate struggle for survival
by EWhiteBoy November 10, 2010
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