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A term used to refer to a co-worker that is always asking you to give him credit for your work or achievements. He or she does so in order to insure that they receive maximum praise or reward. The request is often positioned under the guise that the person just needs one more item to get a reward.

The term has its origin in the fact that the requester is seeking a cushion to insure that they hit their goal.
Dam, that Kevin is a real kooshin. He asked me to give him credit for that one sale so that he could make his quota and come to find out that all along he had already exceeded his number.
by Bdude12 November 20, 2007
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to be chillin like a motherfucking villian. more likely to be heard by Michael from the G
I was kooshin with me and my niggaz.
by giveitup9 February 16, 2003
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