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Kool-Aid High is a new way of getting high with the assistance of kool-aid created by Shairi Stanley, the creator of 'Dorito Cereal'. Kool-Aid High is when you smoke herbs and/or small blunts also known as doobies or roaches out of a water bong replacing the water with pre-made kool-aid with and flavor.
Shairi: Man what if I but kool-aid in the bong

Shonica: that's stupid bro

Shairi: no *cough* its *cough* not this Kool-Aid increases your high it like you can taste the sugar and it's not as sweet as we think it should be creating a hard smooth quick fill up while inhaling.

Shonica: ;O

Shairi: Oh Yea! Kool-Aid High
by Rashad B. December 17, 2014
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