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Someone who constantly ends conversations with a one word answer. Usually with phrases like, not much, or apologizing too much. There isn't anything wrong with Konversation Killers, they are just annoying to talk to online. If one is to be called a konversation killer, they should put more effort into the conversation.
Person 1:sooo whats up?
Person 2:not much
Person 1:you must be confusing entertaining with boring right now........cause your really being boring.
Person 2:sorry what
Person 1:Remember when I told you that you should entertain me?and then you said "no i'm no ho"
Person 2: no sorry that doesnt ring a bell
Person 1:oh I must be confusing you with someone else....
Person 2: prolly
Person 1: You're a Konversation Killer
by Johnthetallguy June 21, 2009
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