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Kontrafakt is the most popular slovak hip-hop band. Their career starts in 2001 in small, but well - known spa city called Piešťany, Slovakia, and they became famous in whole central Europe (in Slovakia-home country, Czech republic, Poland ...)
There are also people, who hate them, because of their lyrics, full of swearing and verbal attacks, especially against slovak main-stream singers.
Because of this, slovak media doesnt play knotrafakt songs and video clips.

Members: Rytmus - Rap
Ego - Rap
Anys - DJ, producent

In 2007 they released their third album called Bozk na rozlúčku (it means something like Goodbye kiss) and this album also includes featuring with NATE DOGG. Try youtube to find out more.

Kontrafakt is da best
by local_hero February 23, 2009
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