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A rare beast resembling a mixture of: 23% medium Calico cat, 19% average barn owl, 14% baby sheep, 13% mute lemur, 11% albino llama, 8% monarchy butterfly, 6% black bear, 5% white sealand 1% sea bass.
Residing in the Pacific Ocean, the Konshnanks strives off of other organisms. A sly creature, he will cun others into providing him with food and shelter for a brief period of time, and move on to the next coral reef without further thought. Be warned - konshanks will use and abuse you. While they are extremely fast and beautiful, they lack in one thing - the ability to pop pimples. So heed my warning - do not believe their lies of pimple-poppage. These beasts will do nothing to help your acne.
Shit bro! Did you see that Konshnanks sprint past us at the speed of sound?!
by Konshnanksalot April 06, 2011
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