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A guy that is THE GUY dreams. You would feel like he wouldnt notice you, but deep down hes proabably thinking the same thing. He's the type of guy that once you get to know him, you are like best friends and after a while you are pretty much falling in love with him. He is an amazing kisser and knows where to touch a girl in all the right places. He is an amazing boyfriend and makes you feel like you are his only one. He's the one that you will have late conversations with you on the phone until 3am. He will say alot of sweet things to you and make you smile every single day that you spend with him. A Kondwani has an amazing taste in music but can be sensitive, He also would do something that he would regret later. He worries you a little bit, but he always tells you not to worry. Once you meet a Kondwani, you can never get over one. He would hold you in his arms for hours, kiss you on the forehead and tell you that he loves you, he will hold your hand in front of his mates, oi's and lads, and tell you that you are beautiful. You will always love him in a way, and he could never be replaced.

*Kondwani loving girl in his arms at this moment
Omg, Kondwani is so perfect, I've never met anyone like him

When my Kondwani Left me, I was heartbroken.
by BeboIsALegend February 16, 2019
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A man with a very big dick and gets all of the girls and is quite short but he makes everyone laugh
by Jilow January 12, 2018
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