Kokonte is a Twi word (language of the Akan ethnic groups in Ghana) and a swallow soft doughy food for the Akans in southern part of Ghana and eaten with liquid soups (nkwan) such as, palm nut soup, peanut butter soup, werewere soup or akatoa/agushi soup with varieties of meats, fishes, snails, crabs, mushrooms and okro (nkruma) on the side. Kokonte is usually served in Asanka or Ayowaa (an earthware bowl; black or red in color) and can be eaten at, Ghana restaurants or Chop bars (food restaurants) in Ghana.

Right way to eat Fufu:

Take a piece of the Kokonte, make a hole in it, scoop the soup and swallow, never chew the Kokonte.

Kokonte is made from sun dried cassava flour or powder.
Swallow the Kokonte with the peanut butter soup without chewing.
by Awura Adwoa February 11, 2021
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