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what you say when you are very excited about something someone said. what you say when you don't know what else to say. what you say after you have just listened to a long boring story from someone and didn't listen to one word that person said. what you say to someone after they just said something completely unbelievable.
Person 1: Yo I heard about this rager goin down this weekend at this girls house and she said we could come with our friends!

Person 2: Koipsh!!!

Person 1: My boyfriend says we don't talk enough, but every time i try and talk to him he says he's too busy to talk. What should i do?

Person 2: Koipsh???

Person 1: Last weekend i went to this party at my grandmother's house for her 80th birthday. It was so much fun. We played Bingo and ate a lot of cake. Then our dog jumped on the table and knocked over my grandmother's favorite vase and it smashed on the floor. She was so upset I feel like we ruined her birthday. What do you think?

Person 2: Oh yeah, koipsh.

Person 1: Bro i hooked up with three girls last weekend at this party.

Person 2: Yeah me too Koipsh......
by Garc13 Babbyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! December 14, 2010
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