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More commonly referred to as the Big Bang, the Knox Dap is the hardest high five that one can receive. Amongst the many theories that the Knox Dap has been involved in are:

1) He dapped Eve so hard she ate the poisonous apple.

2) He dapped God so hard that Pangea broke up into the modern day continental lay out.

3) He dapped every single dinosaur.....why do you think there is a big-ass crater?

4) He dapped Archduke Franz Ferdinand....officially starting WWI

5) The great wall of China was constructed to keep him from dapping all the Chinese inhabitants.

6) He dapped JFK.....done.

7) He dapped Elvis while Elvis was in the bathroom.

8) He dapped the Emperor of Japan on December 6th, 1941 which ultimately led to Pearl Harbor.

9) He dapped Heath Ledger for his role as the Joker.....oh boy

10) He dapped the Berlin wall.....that's why it fell

11) He dapped Lebron in Cleveland and that is why he went all the way to South Beach, they have outlawed Dapps.

12) He dapped the pilot on the Hindenberg....explosions insued

13) He dapped Wyclef in Port au Prince Haiti.....buildings fell

14) Atlantis thought they could out dap him.....he won

15) His dap's kept Russia from firing during the Cold War
Gershon: Hey Beyer had did you lose your arms?

Beyer: Knox dapped me up for my birthday.
by schaefersackedagain101010 December 04, 2010
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