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An activity consisting of three teams, each with a single buzzer. When one team thinks they know the answer they buzz in, and many times the other teams will because they react to the other team and there is no lockout system. It is known for its annoying twists and its buzzer races. It is an alternative way of playing quiz bowl.

X: Man, i love knowledge bowl so much...
Y: Dude, knowledge bowl is for NOOBs, you should play quiz bowl.
by breebot February 23, 2009
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A question and answer game that started in 1976. It's basically a championship where "teams" of highschool students get points in written as well as oral rounds. They attempt to win at the state level and hope to move on to nationals. Knowledge bowl is for those who are "Knowledgeable"
Harvard Harvington III : "The quadratic formula you ask? But of course, -b plus or minus the square root of (b squared minus 4ac) over 2a"
Host: Ten points for Gryffindor! er, eh, Knowledge bowl!
John Hopkins: simply marvelous, oh and the 17th century Spanish novel published in two parts over a 10 year period? That would be Don Quiote by Cervantes.
by Collegeknowledge911 March 09, 2010
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