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Knivsta is a postapocalyptic town somewhere in the middle of Sweden, pretty much totally isololated from the outside world. People living there agree that they would much rather have a condo in New Jersey or stab themselves in the dick/best cooking hand than living another day in Knivsta. A long history of famine and insationable lusts for incestrual activities has left Knivsta severely lacking the standard number of attractive swedish women, the average now being 5, wich is a British 8 to be fair. With a high rate of suicide and crime, including murder, arson, theft, armed robbery, damage to personal property, assault, and indecent exposure(most common), Knivsta struggles to rival with cities like Detroit and Baghad when it comes to public safety.
-Man look at that chick, damn sheΒ΄s ugly!
-Dude sheΒ΄s from Knivsta..
by MyXboxIsBroken March 21, 2011
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