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Kmeelia is a self-centered bitch who does what she wants gets what she gets she can be really rude sometimes but she can sometimes be nice and then you piss her off she’ll tell you that she doesn’t like you and she won’t hang out with you or talk to you and if you act like someone she hates wearing out with them or act fake she’ll cut you off right away and if you try to mess with her she’ll fight you she can sometimes come off to be really rude but sometimes really nice depends on her mood of the day she’s cute and her pictures are adorable and amazing she’s really photo genic and she likes art and she’s most likely to be sporty and sometimes lazy most of her best friends are boys she hangs out with them more than girls
Girl one: Kmeelia has a bitch

Girl two: she’s really nice to me, but we’re not friends

Girl three: she’s my bestfriend and I love her sooo muchhhh
by Kmeeliaaaaaa May 14, 2018
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