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Sometimes know as KLARY. This bitch knows how to party and bust it down. She knows what she wants when she wants it. If you don’t give this mother fucker what she wants you best to believe you bout to die bitch. She also has a fun personality that makes everything so much better. She doesn’t take the shit people give and never gets mad at you. This mofo also loves bustin it down and she good at it too, she might sometimes need to break her back a little in photos but trust me this Spanish butch is thicc. She is the next Cardi B and all you wannabe hoes need to watch tf out okay...thanks. But in all honesty she is the best person you will ever meet
sally - did you meet that girl today

Ashlee- no on a scale of 1- Klarimar what is that hoe
Sally- a solid two nobody compares to Klarimar
by Ashley Barth July 16, 2018
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