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A sword, blade or polearm, made of silver, often imbued with a spirit of war.

Used by Garou (Gaian Werewolves) as a weapon in their war against the Wyrm, though "Klaivaskar", the art of Klaive combat, also includes both ceremonial as well as competitive duels.

The noun originates in the game Werewolf: The Apocalypse, published by White Wolf. It has, among World of Darkness series roleplayers, become a word that all but replaces term "a mighty sword".
Howls-with-Rage withdrew his bent Klaive from the Malfean's corpse. The spirit had escaped, causing terrible damage throughout his foe's innards. But its departure had also rendered his most prized fetish weapon useless.
by Thygrrr January 31, 2004
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