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1.) noun— Refers to a woman's pubic region that has not been woman-scaped long enough for little hairs to be present, but not long enough to have become a curly bush, resembling the hairs on a kiwi. Can be uncomfortable to perform cunnilingus on.
David: A-a-ron, the only thing worse than stank dick is kiwi cootchie

Aaron: Stop calling me A-a-ron.

David: Like imagine you decide you're gonna give her some good ol' lip service *wink* *wink* to find that she hasn't shaved in a few days, which you think will be fine until you go for the muff dive only to get porcupined in the face by her Kiwi Cootchie! It is THE WORST, A-a-aron!
Aaron: You know, the only reason my name is A-a-ron is because our names are the two protagonists from "The Interview," right?

David: Whatever man, they hate us cause they anus
A-a-ron: That was the worst reference ever...
by The_Honey_Badger January 11, 2015
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