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KittyHead is the name of the weird, 16 year old boy that has Myspace & is ever so slightly Immature Odd but also he's kawaii (cute) :P

He likes straightening his hair & dying it black, and he also has an obsession for eating Chicken Nuggets & Curly fries every night for dinner.

His nicknames include;
Kittyness, and so on and so forth.

His real name is Josh, the shortened version of the name Joshua. Yeah.

Friend: Hey kittyHead!
Kitty: Haii. :3
Friend: Whats up?
Kitty: Nothing much, a bit sad though. :
Fried: Aww, why?
Kitty: Cause Cause, I burned my ear with my straighteners. :P
Friend: LMAO, you ghey ass.
Kitty: I knowww. :P
by KITTYNESS. November 23, 2007
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