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A discord server created by the popular warrior cat youtuber named moonkitti, shortformed to KCH. When she streams "Call Moonkitti," you use the server to attempt to call her, competing against all the other people who want to as well. When not used for the live stream, it acts as a normal server with a chaotic community.

The community is very welcoming, with many people being able to forge friend groups within it. The server has various channels for things like memes and art, as well as for gaming discussion. There are multiple mods and admins on the server who are very helpful, as well as a role for senior members, to display members who are well known and very active.

The server does not have a public invite, and those who wish to join must wait for Moonkitti to stream, and post the link. The period of which the invite link is posted is considered a flood. Floods are considered to be the most active times of the server due to the influx of new members.

This is a very lawful description of a chaotic community, but it is a very good community
"I heard Moonkitti was streaming tonight, time to hop onto KCH to try and get in."

"My cousin got kicked from Kittycat Hell because they were under 13 and tried to join."
by plutosmist July 28, 2019
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