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A "Kitty Dukakis" is an "Arnold Palmer Beverage (also referred to by white trash as twisted tea)" with a shot (or two) of good Citron/Lemon Vodka added. Though Kitty would probably have just poured in some hairspray!

This drink was first created at the Moana Surfrider Resort on Waikiki Beach on the Island of Oahu in the US State of Hawaii.

Trying to be funny I ordered a "Kitty Dukakis" from the cocktail waitress, to which she replied "huh".
I gave her the recipe and explained that Kitty would drink this because it looked like an "Arnold Palmer" and you couldn't smell the vodka on her breath. She took it hook, line and sinker!

Two years later I was in Waikiki again, we sit down and I order a "Kitty Dukakis" my friend laughs, the cocktail waitress says "do you want that with citron or regular vodka?" WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can I get a Kitty Dukakis? Tell the bartender to use a good Citron Vodka!
by OneLane July 17, 2013
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