Kitten play is a sub category of pet play - which is a BDSM practice. There is a lot that goes into it, but generally speaking, Kitten Play is a practice which involves a dom & sub (dominant and submissive). The pet, or in this case kitten, is the submissive, while their master, owner, or guardian is the dominant. A large part of kitten play, and pet play, is feeling like you have someone to take care of you - to rely on. When acting in kitten play, the submissive will meow, bite, scratch, or an other cat like behavior towards the dominant. The dominant will play with their kitten, and reward them for being good. Although, the full system of punishment & reward is a part of this practice.
Someone asked me why I wear a collar, ears, and tail, and I told them it is because I practice Kitten Play.
by masterslittlekitten October 24, 2015
A BDSM lifestyle which incorporates the submissive acting like a "kitten" and the dominant to act like the "protector" or "owner" or "master" etc.
My sex life is anything but vanilla because of kitten play
by dee91 September 26, 2015
A Dom/sub relationship where either the male or female dress and act as a kitten. It has BDSM involved; if one does not have BDSM in the kitten play relationship, it is just cosplay.
Kasey has a new interest in kitten play to bring up to her Dom.
by meowmemaster October 28, 2015
Light hearted slang for hot and deeply passionate sexual intercourse between two individuals who have cat-like antics and grace.
Luke was mortified to hear about our kitten play last night.
by Lunpa April 11, 2008